Solid State City at IoT Asia

12 DEC 2019
Our Solid State City project will be represented at IoT Asia in March 2019. David Ivory will chair a panel discussion on Architecture and Urbanism and how the Internet of Things can provide solutions to meet the challenges faced by increasing urbanization.

The brief for the panel read: -

The success or failure of a product or service is due to how well it matches our needs and desires. Understanding markets, people, and wider society is thus vital for developers and marketers of IoT innovations. Are your assumptions correct? How well will it sell? Are the development costs justified? Are you in the right market?

Often the originators of new products fail to foresee or understand the consequences of their creation’s interaction with society. How will your products succeed while also solving problems to make the world a better place?

More than designers, Architects are the pre-eminent profession that connects people to the spaces we all inhabit. This panel of 4 Architects all of whom are knowledgeable of technology aims to throw light on these questions by discussing some of the failures of the past and project what might be in our good future. In a construction industry projected to be $24.3 Trillion by 2021, with over 3 million people moving to cities every week, there has never been a better time to get to grips with intelligent buildings and spaces. How will IoT enable our buildings to be a solution and not a cause of our problems?

Panelists are being finalised but we expect a lively discussion and look forward to engaging with the developer community in Singapore in March 2019.
By Adaptiv Earth